April 15, 2023

Fontanelle (Soft Spot) in Chihuahua Puppies

If you’re a new owner of a Chihuahua puppy, you may have noticed a small, diamond-shaped area on the top of their skull that feels soft to the touch. This area is known as the fontanelle or molera and is present in all newborn Chihuahua puppies. In this blog post, we’ll explore what the fontanelle is and what it means for your puppy’s health.

The fontanelle or “soft spot” in Chihuahua puppies is not unique to this breed, but it is particularly notable due to the breed’s small size. The fontanelle is formed during the development of a puppy’s skull, which begins in the womb. As the puppy grows, the bones of the skull begin to fuse together, but there is a gap left in the area where the fontanelle is present. This gap is filled with soft tissue and is covered by the skin.

While the soft spot in Chihuahua puppies is a natural part of their development, caution must be taken while handling your Chihuahua puppy. This can include avoiding activities that may put the puppy at risk of head trauma, such as rough play or jumping from high surfaces. Because the area is not protected by bone, it is more vulnerable to injury than other parts of the skull. Puppies with a particularly large fontanelle may be at increased risk of head trauma, especially if they are very active or playful. It is important to monitor the puppy closely for any signs of injury or discomfort, such as swelling or tenderness around the soft spot.

In most cases, the soft spot in AKC Chihuahua puppies will close on its own as the bones of the skull continue to fuse together. However, in some cases, the fontanelle may remain open throughout the dog’s life. This is not typically a cause for concern unless the dog experiences frequent head injuries or other health problems.

In conclusion, the fontanelle is a normal part of a Chihuahua puppy’s development. While it can be a source of concern for some owners, taking appropriate precautions and monitoring the puppy closely can help prevent injury and ensure that your puppy grows up happy and healthy.

April 15, 2023

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