How to Adopt

Application Process

Here at Pawsh Puppies, we care deeply about every one of our puppies and the life they will live once they leave us. Once you contact us via our Contact Form about a puppy, we will send you a puppy application. This is simply a one page questionnaire that asks for your contact information, and also a few other questions that we would like to have answers to before any commitments are made on either part. This information will not be used for anything outside of the stated purpose. Once we receive your application, we ask you kindly to allow us up to 24 hours to respond.


Feel free to ask any questions that you may have about our puppies! We would love to answer them! We can send regular updates on the puppy you are interested in, including pictures, videos, and more.


Once you have picked out a puppy, a non-refundable deposit of $800 can be placed. We cannot hold a puppy for you without a deposit. We have the right to refuse any sale we do not feel comfortable with. 


Before your puppy arrives, you will need to get a few things ready to welcome your new fur-baby! Being prepared is always the best way as it helps reduce stress for both you and your new little one. We highly recommend Nutra-Cal for new puppies to prevent dehydration and hypoglycemia. New puppies are susceptible to hypoglycemia caused by low blood sugar and can quickly die if not treated properly. Prevention is always the best medicine! If you are not acquainted with hypoglycemia, we highly recommend that you educate yourself about the signs and causes so you will know what to do should this problem arise. Your puppy will also come with information about hypoglycemia for a quick reference. A small crate is also a must for your new family member. This will help you potty train and prepare your puppy for times that you may have to go away. An exercise pen is also recommended, but not required. Doggie pee pads are super helpful if you are not planning to litter box train your puppy and can help clean up go a lot faster. Your puppy will also need a soft bed, small dog bowls, and lots of love (that’s the fun and easy part)! Once you are an approved adoption home, we will send you a list of these items, as well as the best place to buy them to make it easier for you! 


Unless otherwise stated, your puppy will be ready at 8 weeks for his or her new family! Pick-up is preferred, but flying or driving with a puppy nanny is optional for an additional fee depending on the distance and delivery method. We do not offer cargo shipping for our puppies. We will also consider meeting you halfway if it is a reasonable distance. This may or may not be charged depending on the time/distance. We do not accept any type of checks for puppy payments. Cash, PayPal, Venmo, or another type of electronic payment are acceptable. Your new puppy will come with his or her registration papers, puppy contract, health guarantee, health check, a favorite blanket, a toy, and a baggie of puppy food.


Once your puppy has reached you, please contact us via text or email to assure us of a safe and healthy arrival. Make sure your new puppy has a drink and something to eat as soon as possible. Your new puppy has been through a lot of stress, and may be nervous for the first day to first week depending on personality. If you have any questions or concerns about your new puppy’s health or wellness, please contact us via text or call using the number given. We are here to support you and your new fur-baby and want to give you both a smooth transition. We love pictures and updates, so please feel free to send pictures or videos as your precious puppy grows up!